How To: Light-Up Bug Clips


1. MAKE your clip-on... Cut out a small piece of cardboard and hot-glue it (with adult help) to one side of the binder clip. This is your platform.

2. ATTACH your critter... Hot-glue the belly of your critter to the top of your platform. Make sure it is in a position that makes it easy to clip on to something!

3. WIRE your bug... this is a big step... Bend the legs of the LED so that you can position the light bulb on the top of the bug and wrap the legs around to the bottom of the bug.
Slip the coin battery between the LED legs so that one wire touches the positive (+) side of the battery and the other leg touches the negative (-) side. If the LED doesn’t light up, flip the battery over and try again.

Be comfortable touching the wires to the battery to see how the LED works. It won’t shock you!

Now you want to “sandwich” the one wire between the battery and the cardboard platform. You can add a bit of tape to keep it in position, then hot glue the battery to the platform belly. The other wire should be sticking up in the air, above the battery. When you touch the wire to the battery, this completes the circuit, and your bug should light up. Add a bit of tape here. To turn your bug “on” just tape the wire to the battery. To turn it “off” – lift the tape. This is exactly how a switch works. Then... clip to your bag, jacket or hat! Superfun!