How To: Twinkly Fox Ears

1.Make your ears - Fold a piece of felt in half. Using the fold as the bottom line, cut two same-size ear shapes. When you unfold the felt, you have two pieces that look like the bright purple in our example. Then, cut two smaller ear shapes from a single (unfolded) piece of felt. These will be the insides of your ears, like the black felt in our example.

2.Attach to your headband - Fold the large ear shapes back together around the headband and glue them into place. Then glue the small pieces to the front of each ear, in the middle. Make sure not to use too much glue - it will make it hard to push the LEDs through the felt.

3.Add your lights ... this is a big step - Carefully push the LED legs through the center of each ear. You may need to wiggle the wire legs back and forth a little to get them through. Eventually they will poke through the felt and out the back; this is where you want them. 
Just like in the Light Up Critter example, position your coin battery between the LED legs so that the bulb lights up. Sandwich the bottom leg between the felt and the battery, and use tape or hot glue to secure it into place. Add a bit of tape to the leg that is sticking up, and voila! When you tape the wire in place, your ear lights up! Repeat with the other ear, and wear and enjoy!