camera obscura theater workshop! july 23 – 27

a specialty week of mixed media, creative discovery, story telling and performance

Girls will use the camera obscura to project images through pinholes to their audience as a dynamic backdrop for their creative stories + performance. All girls will take part in the development of the story, but girls can choose to perform or work behind the scenes as part of the crew based on their interest and comfort level. This unique week of exploring the female narrative Curious Jane-style is in partnership with The Vanderbilt Republic, a Gowanus-based creative production agency.

What is Camera Obscura Theater? It is like performing inside a giant pinhole camera! Crazy cool! Check out this amazing video of our space being transformed and an impromptu performance!

Program Dates: July 23 – July 27 (limited to 8 girls, ages 8 to 11)

Two Performances, free and open to the public... join us! RSVP
Saturday July 28, at 12noon and 1:30pm
Curious Jane Gowanus Workspace
400 3rd Avenue at the corner of 6th Street

Our young performers will work with acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Kate Ladenheim to shape their stories through theater, dance, poetry, visual art, and whatever else they can imagine! They will share their stories with an end-of-week performance, open to friends, family and the public.

This amazing week of theater and storytelling is collaboration with our good friend and creative neighbor, George Del Barrio, founder of The Vanderbilt Republic. In celebration of our 10th year anniversaries, CJ + VR are bringing this unique theater programming to your girls. The concept is new and powerful, and their performance will be too!