When will my subscription start?
If you subscribe after Sept 10, 2017, your subscription will start with our Fall Issue (Nov 1) – DIY Gifts.

Can I order single copies or back issues? We are currently sold out of single copies of our back issues. You can find the current issue – Mini to the Max (summer 2017)  at your local Barnes & Noble.

I'm sending this subscription as a gift. Can I print a card to give to the recipient? Yes! Preview and print our Gift Card here.


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Timing Details
CJ Magazine is published quarterly and will be arriving to you on (or around!) these dates:
Winter – February 1
Spring – May 1
Summer – August 1
Fall – November 1 (**if you subscribe now, your first issue will be Fall, 2017**)

We understand that it may take a while for your first issue to arrive, depending on when you subscribe. We are a small office publishing a project-packed magazine, and we thank you very much for your support! While you await your first issue of the magazine in the mail...
You can grab a copy of our current issue on Barnes & Noble Newsstands.

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