Who's behind Curious Jane? We're a small but mighty team. Get to know us!


Samantha: Founded Curious Jane seven years ago to give her girls, and all girls, a chance to be creative and inventive in a high-energy space. She's Southern-raised, now Brooklyn-based. She loves to tinker, design, create and – of course!! – do tons of fun stuff around NYC, and around the world, with her girls, family and friends. If she won the lottery and quit her job, she would.... whaaaat?!?! She'd never quit her job. Ever. She loves it and counts herself super lucky to wake up each morning completely jazzed about everything the day will bring to her.

Melisa: Works on marketing, outreach, strategic connections and new ways to extend the CJ brand. She hails from Texas, loves to travel, isn't shy with an opinion or red lipstick, is a mom of two (a boy and a girl), likes to cook and feels grateful and happy for her Brooklyn-based life and job. She super-loves her work and the Curious Jane mission and is thrilled to be bringing this magazine to creative girls everywhere!

Elissa: Does all things design... and at Curious Jane -- that is a lot! She styles the projects and doodles the illustrations for the magazine; she creates our visual presence, online and in print; and she sets her magic wand to our projects, parties and workspace! She loves trampoline parks, traveling, decorating birthday cakes, and making up silly games with her three kids. She is so grateful to live, work and dream in Brooklyn. Riding her bright yellow bicycle to Curious Jane is her favorite way to start the day!